Waila 1.6.0 B2 finally here for 1.8 & 1.8.8 !

That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange aeons even death may die.

- H. P. Lovecraft


I am back ! The last couple months have been all about moving between locations and not having a stable place to put my pc at, but I’m finally back !


To celebrate, today is Waila day. Here are 2 new shiny versions for both 1.8 & 1.8.8.

All credits go to Girafi who did an amazing job at keeping Waila up-to-date for you while I was running around Europe to get settled.

Thank you Girafi !


You can get it on CurseForge, as usual :

For 1.8.

For 1.8.8.

Opis/MobiusCore 1.2.5 for 1.7.10

Double update to fix 2 of the major problems with the current version of both Opis and MobiusCore. Enjoy !



[Opis v1.2.5_1.7.10]

  • Compatibility fix for bad typecast in “Thee-shall-not-be-named”. Opis makes damn sure the entity/tile entity lists are of the proper type before doing anything.

[MobiusCore v1.2.5_1.7.10 ]

  • Counting array is no longer requesting world access on unload, preventing chunks from unloading properly


You can get it there : MobiusCore 1.2.5 & Opis 1.2.5

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Waila 1.5.10 for 1.7.10

Update to fix some syncing errors leading to client side flickering + a few nice additions.

All kudos to @Lordmau5 for this update. He fixed all the nasties and added some interresting new things !

  • Fixed NBT syncing. Should remove all flickering observed in 1.5.9 [ Lordmau5 ]
  • Fixed ExU drums [ Lordmau5 ]
  • Fixed Thermal Expansion + added data for Caches [ Lordmau5 ]
  • Added support for Thermal Dynamics [ Lordmau5 ]

You can get it there : CurseForge

Opis 1.2.4 & MobiusCore 1.2.4 for MC 1.7.10

It is finally here ! It took this long to be released because I was working on some major new features for Opis over the last few months. Those features are still not ready for prime-time, but I can tell you, it is totally worth the wait !

I decided to release this version to solve a couple bugs that have been found since the last release, namely, the prb with colored chats and command auto completion. Some other issues might have been fixed as well.

I will try to correct the remaining bugs in the tracker before going back at implementing the new stuff. Got so sucked in by the new features I completly neglected fixing all the small or large errors with the current code.


So many things were changed, I’m not going to produce a changelog for this particular version. The changelog will have to wait 1.3.0 and a complete list of new features.

Cheers !


You can get it there : MobiusCore 1.2.4 & Opis 1.2.4

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Jabba 1.2.1 for 1.7.10

Here is it, the latest Jabba. Lot of bugfixes and a couple additions. As always, thanks go to taelnia for doing such a good job at keeping Jabba up to date while I’m busy on other projects.


  • New: Added config option to reverse behaviour of left clicking so a click is one item and a shift click is a stack
  • New: Added dolly support for BluePower Machines by request of K-4U
  • Fix: Fake input stack is now created on world load for barrels that need it
  • Fix: First ghost update sent to a client will now not (fake) clear a locked barrel if it is emptied
  • Fix: Recipes are now created using the OreDictionary name defined in the config file where appropriate. (Regression fix)
  • Fix: Block world texture generation now correctly works on structural levels which are multiples of 10
  • Fix: Added additional protection against invalid calls to Block Methods
  • Fix: Barrels with Creative Upgrades on them will now properly drop their actual stored amount when broken
  • Fix: Any barrels that have a structural upgrade higher than the current max tier after editing the config will now be downgraded and marked in the log to prevent NPE’s
  • Fix: Hopper upgrades should no longer stack items in inventories greater than the inventory normally allows.
  • Change: Adjusted break texture from nothing to nearly nothing as a temporary work around for a Chisel bug that is being looked into
  • Change: Dollied Monster Spawners now show the name of the entity they spawn in their item tool-tip
  • Change: Tweaked texture generation to reduce incidences of blank textures


You can get it there : Curse.com

Cheers !

Waila 1.5.9 for MC 1.7.10

This is a smallish update to fix some of the outstanding bugs and add a couple custom renderers for modders to use.

Unless some more problems pops up, I will now move to 1.8 and port all the recent changes to the new MC version. So expect a new 1.8 release soon.



  • [Fix] Added proper size hint to icon’s custom renderer. Should fix hearts going out of the tooltip.
  • [Fix] Text vs Hearts display is now based on max health, not current health. Should fix the prb with mobs having incredibly large max hp but low current hp.
  • [Fix] Protected rendering call. Should solve crashes on load from some mods (Thaumcraft included).
  • [Fix] Cleanup the internal lists to prevent a whole Waila tooltip corruption happening in some cases.
  • [Fix] Handler insertion order is now enforced properly.
  • [API] Returning a stack with a null item from getWailaStack will desactivate the tooltip for a given block. A good way to do that is to return new ItemStack(Blocks.air);
  • [API] Added custom renderer “waila.health”, with arguments “<maxhearts>,<health>,<maxhealth>”
  • [API] Added custom renderer “waila.stack”, with arguments “<type>,<idstring>,<stacksize>,<damage/meta>”
  • [API] Added custom renderer “waila.progress”, with arguments “<currentvalue>,<maxvalue>”

You can get it there : Curse.com

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Waila 1.5.8 for MC 1.7.10

This is a rather large update with lot of changes under the hood and a complete rework of the tooltip rendering to allow for custom renderers. Those should allow module devs to render more or less anything in the tooltip, making it more versatile then ever (full read-only GUIs in the tooltip ? Possible !).


On top of that, it is the first Waila version to be completly weakly dependent on NEI. You can now use it without having NEI installed. Some fonctionnalities will only be available if you have NEI installed, but those are only related to filtering and inventory handling.



  • [Bugfix] Filtered out aspects with a value of 0 in the thaumcraft module.
  • [Bugfix] Config option for thaumcraft is now working again.
  • [Bugfix] Removed more debug print in Redflux handlers
  • [Feature] Block ID/Meta option is working again, with the added qualified name of the block.
  • [Feature] Ported to NEI 1.0.4.x
  • [Feature] Completly NEI independent. You can run Waila without NEI now.
  • [API] Added a new RENDER tag and registration method for people to do custom rendering directly inside the tooltip. For details, see this page.
  • [API] accessor.getBlockID() is now returning the proper value again.
  • [API] Added accessor.getBlockQualifiedName() to return the ResourceLocation string of the block.


You can get it there : Curse.com

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Waila 1.6.0_B1 for MC 1.8.0

First Waila for 1.8.0

Changelog is mostly ported things and a few API changes (read the included javadoc).

This has been tested against forge 1274. Any lower version number is not certified to work.

Enjoy !


Edit : No, you don’t need any ChikenBones’ mod to get it to work !


You can get it there : Curse.com

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Waila 1.5.7 for MC 1.7.10

Small update to fix a couple bugs, correct an API derp and add a couple new API features.


  • [Modules] Thaumcraft module is back in, much simpler thanks to the new API method.
  • [Modules] Updated RedstoneFlux module to work properly with B7
  • [Fix] Waila targets the proper block while morphed
  • [Fix] Fixed reach distance error (Waila should now show even when looking at a block at the nearly max reachable distance).
  • [Localization] Updated ru_RU (Adapta)
  • [Localization] Added it_IT (TheVikingWarrior)
  • [API Fix] Fixed a rare corner case with getNBTData that would be triggered if writeToNBT was called with a different TileEntity then the targeted one.
  • [API Fix] Updated package-info to superseed all previous versions of the included APIs
  • [API] IWailDataProvider.getNBTData now has a Player argument to be able to access player data server side.
  • [API] IWailEntityProvider.getNBTData now has a Player and World argument.
  • [API] currenttip is now a ITaggedList. It adds tag support for lines, making the tooltip less dumb. Right now, currenttip need to be manually casted to ITaggedList to access the new features. Please check HUDHandlerIEnergyHandler for an example of usage.
  • [Doc] The javadoc has been done in most of the interfaces. It can be viewed at http://mobiusstrip.eu/waila/doc/.

As usual, a lot of care has been taken to make the API backward compatible with current modules. If anything breaks, don’t hesitate to tell me.


You can get it there : Curse.com

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Jabba 1.2.0a for MC 1.7.10

Small bugfix release to correct a couple bugs found over the last week



  • Added fake input stack when barrel is not void and nearly full, allows mods which only handle normal inventories to detect the barrel being full.
  • Ensure that barrels do not have a negative stored count
  • Did a pass on BlockBarrel methods that use TE’s to protect against NPE’s and slightly improve speed.


You can get it there : Curse.com

If you enjoy my work, you can support futher developement by becoming a Patron !

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